Fashion Through The Decades

Ladylike, chic and youthful
After the second World war, fashion reacted against rationing and austerity with opulent, feminine styles. Christion Dior launched his New Look, and 50s couture experienced a golden age.

Fashion instead became short, edgy, and sexy
60s society was in upheaval, and fashion followed suit with the advent of the mini skirt, the bikini, disposable paper dresses and space age styling that echoed the Moon race.Youth movements like the Mods and the Rockers began to shape how we dress.

Gave birth to the Bhoemian Babe
Modernity became passes as 70s fashion took a turn for th eretro, a mish-mash of the arts and crafts revival, 1920s and disco. Flares and platform shoes were a trend adopted by both men and women, echoing the egalitarian spirit of the decade.

Bigger, brighter and at times completely vulgar
MTV crash-landed in the 80s with high impact music videos heralding and age when music becan to define fashion more than ever. Mixing punk, pop, hip-hop along with Gordon Gecko excess, the decade was all about attitude.

Fashion hooked on to sloppy cardigans
The 90s ushered in an age of minimalism, and a new age revival that put paid to the 'me me me...' attitude of the previous decade. Grungr took to the catwalk with flannel shirts and slip dresses topping the trends.

Back to basics
Fashion has chopped and changed through revolutions, wars, and a varity of movements in music and art. The cyclical nature of fashion ensures that no trend is gone for long, evidenced in the resurgence of 50s style this season with ladylike skirts and prim frills.

Now in 2010s still its almost similar to the 2000s.
Can you predict what will be the trend after next 50 years?